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Industrial Packaging

  • From the A9 (Amstelveen – Alkmaar), exit to IJmuiden.
  • Drive in the direction of IJmuiden and follow the signs to Marina Seaport and Havens.
  • Continue on the canal dyke, with the canal on your right.
  • Then go through the ‘dip’ that turns into the Dokweg road.
  • Past the petrol station Hammerstein (on your left) and the first roundabout.
  • Continue past the water tower and the second roundabout.
  • The Dokweg road now bends slightly to the right and turns into the Kromhoutstraat.
  • The first side street on the right is the Strandweg. Turn right here.
  • Continue driving down the Strandweg as far as the seventh side street on the left. That is the Zandvoortstraat.
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