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Transport and logistics
Transport and logistics

The basic principle seems very simple, but it is vital: we meet our commitments.

Our huge stock of all kinds of capacity measures and models means we are totally in control of the delivery times you want. For some customer-specific items (such as decorated tin packaging) we come to an agreement with you on the quantities you want us to keep in stock. That enables you to keep your own stock to a minimum.

Hildering’s Packaging Suppliers have their own transport fleet, so we can deliver on time and quickly. Our main aim is for you to fill your products on time. If you want to do your filling at 7 AM, you can, because we can change our plans up to the last moment for you.

We can also supply the quantities and capacities that you want. So, you don’t have to purchase bulk packaging but, if you want, you can buy smaller repackaging. Do you want your barrels delivered 3 or 4 apiece on 1 pallet? No problem, indeed, we already deliver that way for many customers.

Do you want a sticker or label on your tin packaging?
We already do that for some of our major customers. Just ask us about the possibilities: we are happy to give you the information. Just see what kinds of advantages you can gain.

In brief: you can put your logistics problems in reliable hands.

Transport and logistics ≡ Hildering Packaging