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Canova paint can
Canova paint can

Hildering Packaging designs continuously new packaging. Among others, packaging in unconventional shapes to show that shapes of packaging for paint are not limited to traditional round shapes. A good example of such a concept which is being developed, is Canova. Canova folds round to a point at the front. This should make Canova easy to hold and a visually attractive packaging. It should also be easy to empty completely without any residue. The concept is aiming at pouring paint in an effective way thanks to the round pointed shape. The connection of the lid on to the body makes sure no filling good remains in the packaging. For this purpose an ingenious new construction has been developed.

The mission of Hildering Packaging is to develop packaging which meets the requirements of the end-user. Co-makership, or any other kind of co-operation, is possible. The aim is to assess the good qualities of the packaging and link extra advantages to it. The knowledge and experience of our relations and end-users in this matter is indispensable. Emptying the packaging without any residue combined with good resealabilty is an often required and also possible advantage.

Because we want to know your ambitions, we invite you to share your wishes, propositions, ideas and/or challenges. This may lead to the ultimate paint packaging of the 21st century.

Canova - a plastic paint packaging concept ≡ Hildering Innovations