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How is tin can recycled
Tin can recycling

In the Netherlands we have waste management. The aim is to recycle and to reuse the collected waste. This takes place at the Disposal Company, where all the aluminum and steel tin can packaging is separated from the garbage using big magnets and eddy flows. Therefore tin can is the only packaging material that does not have to be collected separately. Empty cans can be thrown in the garbage directly, of course paint residue is chemical waste and has to be treated as such.

This way 87% (2009) of all tin can packaging in the Netherlands is recycled. By reusing steel and aluminum we save raw materials, save energy and CO2 emissions are being reduced significantly. From the recovered steel and aluminum new products can be made over and over, e.g. a new tin can, a bicycle or an airplane. Tin can packaging can be recycled infinite without loss of quality. The recycling of tin can is therefore limitless.

This film shows you in 2 minutes how the recycling of tin can takes place in the Netherlands.

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