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Tin can with UN certification
Tin can with UN certification

UN liquids certification

Right from the start of UN legislation, almost everyone has set out to offer a UN liquids certification for pails. This certification is for the transport of dangerous substances with high viscosity by road, rail, air and water.
Metal packaging is the only packaging with a UN liquids certification. Packaging with removable lid (open top) that needs a liquid certification can only be obtained in metal or tin packaging. Some aspects of the UN certification are explained in more detail below.

UN solids certification

It has slowly become clear that a very specific market segment had a need for UN certification for solids (UN solids certification). That is why we decided to carry these kinds of pails ourselves, so that we currently have a UN solids certification for the capacity measures 5 to 25 litres. The tins are closed with a lid and latch ring.

The UN solids certification applies to liquids whose viscosity at 23 °C is more than 200 mm² per second.

UN X certification

Packaging group 2 is for the most dangerous substances. However, there is a small group of substances whose specific properties put them in packaging group 1. Due to the much stricter requirements, this type of packaging has much thicker plate material than the familiar pails. Pails are made from plate material, but here the packaging is made from steel, sometimes with a coating. We have included them in our range in various capacity measures.

Explanation of the UN certification


Your filling products and the transport used for them determine whether the packaging needs to be RID/ADR or UN-approved. This data can be found in the Material Safety Data Sheet of your product under Transport Information. This information can help us supply you with the correct packaging with the necessary certification.

We have listed the specifications below (see photograph) to clarify the structure of the UN approval.

1A2 1 = drum (e.g. 3 for jerrycans)
A = steel
2 = with removable lid
In this case a steel drum with removable lid.
Y1.4 Y = suitable for packaging group II + III
Packaging group I - extremly dangerous goods (X-certification = fixed lid)
Packaging group II - dangerous goods (X and Y certification)
Packaging group III - less dangerous goods (X,Y and Z certification)
1.4 = Maximum density (kg per litre)
100Hydraulic testing pressure in kpa (100 kPa = 1 bar)
00Year of production (2000)
NLCountry of production
UN certification for packaging ≡ Hildering Packaging