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Hildering Testlab
Hildering Testlab

In the Hildering Testlab all our packaging is tested on its relevant quality aspects. Do the products meet the necessary requirements and the environmental Rules and Regulations?

Tests by Hildering Testlab are:

  • Resistance test: is the packaging good enough to contain the filling good.
  • Corrosion test: e.g. testing the interaction of filling good and the inner coating of the packaging.
  • Migration test: does the filling good stay in the packaging or does it evaporate. This test can cover a period of several months.
  • Spillage test: is the filling good not too volatile for a specific type of packaging? This test is performed in a basin filled with water. An air hose is connected to the closed tin can packaging and then immersed in water. Pressure is applied and thus we can determine when leakage (air bubbles) occurs. Also an air tightness determination test is performed by pumping air into the tin can packaging.
  • The determination of the blow-down value of a packaging is an important test. It is performed by pumping air into the closed packaging and establishing the moment the lid comes of the packaging.
  • Drop test: UN inspection reports contain certain ‘drop demands’. For example: a filled packaging with UN approval Y1.2 has to be intact when dropped from 1m2. The drop tests take place according to UN legislation (for example bottom-side or top-side). Not all packaging need to meet the UN drop test, but it can be of importance to our clients. The drop test is performed by letting the packaging drop on a steel plate filled with water (for testing liquids) or sand (for testing solids).
  • User test: what will happen when a packaging is opened and then closed again? Is this easy? Is the packaging still firmly closed? What will happen when used in the tinting machine?

Besides the testing of packaging, our innovative products are being developed and tested in the Hildering Testlab. Our testlab is essential to our business conduct.

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