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Pails, Emmers or Hobocks, whatever you want to call them, what they have in common is that you must be able to add large quantities of filling goods quickly, and to mix and use them quickly.

Lid with latch ring
Lid with latch ring
Lug lid
Lid closure
Latch ring with spring
Pail 2.0: latch ring with spring

Lids with latch rings are ideal closures: they are quick to open, which means the user can get to work straight away. If the can is not completely empty, it can be closed again and transported safely. They are thus ideal for adding colorants to paints and coatings, but also for quickly dispensing filling goods (for example for floor coatings).

The big downside is that lids with latch rings are a very labour-intensive closure for the filler/supply chain.

For the supply chain, the lug lid closure is ideal: it can be closed quickly and the process can be automated. For the user, the lug lid closure is very difficult to open.

The primary objective for sales and marketing is a closure that is as user friendly as possible: quick to open and also to close again. The supply chain wants a lid that can be closed quickly and automatically. Everyone knows that these two requirements have previously been incompatible.

After a long period of search and experimentation, we have discovered the ideal solution. By means of a pressure plate, the combined lid and latch ring can be fitted onto the packaging without opening the latch ring. A small spring in the latch ring has made this revolutionary solution possible.

Both marketing&sales and the supply chain now have an ideal packaging solution. This is so revolutionary that we can talk of a new generation of pails: Pail 2.0. Our lid and latch ring closure can be closed again by hand after opening, which also makes it ideal for tinting.

How does it work?

Pails 2.0
Press - closed

The latch ring (into which the sealing clamp has been fitted) is already mounted to the lid; the filler or the automatic lid feeder only needs to place the lid set onto the pail. The closure 2.0 can be closed automatically, simply by using our pressure plate, which is forced downwards by compressed air. The spring in the latch ring moves outwards due to the pressure of the plate, and the latch ring with lid is pressed downwards over the special pail edge.

Closing machine not expensive

Pails 2.0
Closing machine

The costs of the machine are relatively low, because the main part of the closing mechanism is a simple pressure plate with springs. The pressure plate can be fitted to any filling line or suspended in a simple structure, which allows it to be used as a mobile stand-alone closer.

Capacities and UN certification

The principle has already been in use for several years as a non-UN version. Since the beginning of 2017, pails with a diameter of 286mm (capacities 12-23 litres) have been available with UN liquids certification (UN Y1.4). UN liquids certification (UN Y1.2) is also available for the smaller diameter, 230mm. This means that by exchanging the closing head, a complete range from 6 litres to 25 litres can be closed.

Brochure Pails 2.0

Brochure Pails 2.0
Pails 2.0