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Hildering Tintercan for colorants
Tintercan for colorants

TINTERCAN is a specially designed metal can packaging for saving colorants and time. Through its double-action opening system, TINTERCAN has the ability to save you many litres of colorants per month: TINTERCAN is easy to use and is made to empty efficiently.

It saves you time, as it can be left in a stable hands free position while its contents flow into the tinting machine. The pull-up spout fits efficiently into the colorant canister directing the product flow away from the spindle - meaning no mess. After emptying, the bottom is removed and any remaining content is easily scooped out, allowing the packaging to be recycled.

TINTERCAN meets the industrial standards and is compatible with all filing lines. The metal can is capable of being shaken for 30 seconds in the tinting machine. TINTERCAN is suitable for liquid coatings that need to be poured without spillage.


  • Contents: 1 litre
  • Diameter; 99 mm
  • Height: 149 mm
  • Dome top: aperture 42 mm for spout
  • Internally: lacquered (plain possible)
  • Outside: digitally printed (offset print or plain possible)
  • End: aluminium easy opening
Tintercan pull-up spout
Pull-up spout
Tintercan easy pouring
Easy pouring
Tintercan let air in
Let air in
Tintercan hands free
Hands free
Tintercan remove bottom
Remove bottom
Tintercan clean out
Clean out

Advantages of TINTERCAN

  • Handy pull-up spout for optimal pouring
  • No more soiling of the machine and spindle
  • Hands free position saves time
  • Easy emptying saves contents and environment
  • Works with all colorant filling lines
  • 100% recyclable tin can
Hildering Tintercan
Tintercan - for saving colorants ≡ Hildering Innovations