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Convenant verpakkingen

The Convenant Verpakkingen lapsed at the end of 2005. This covenant was a collection of agreements by Government, municipalities and businesses about the prevention and collection of packaging. 250,000 companies had made agreements with the government and municipalities in the Packaging Covenant about the reduction of packaging material and the recycling of packaging.

Besluit verpakkingen

The Besluit Verpakkingen came into force on 1 January, 2006. By virtue of the Decree, all companies are responsible for the prevention, collection and recycling of the packaging (of products) that they offer on the Dutch market. The business sector must also bear the costs of separate collection of packaging (glass collection facilities, etc.) from households and businesses. The Decree replaces the EU Directive on packaging and packaging waste and the Packaging Covenant based on that.

Nedvang ('The Netherlands from waste to value') was set up by producers and importers as a way of collectively implementing the Packaging Decree. Nedvang will organize the process from collection to recycling for all consumer and business packaging.

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