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Tin cans for aerosols
Tin cans for aerosols

Aerosols are filled under pressure. Therefore the tin can packaging has an inner atmosphere (pressure) of 15 bar. Besides the filling good it contains a propellant. When one presses the air valve, the propellant transports the filling good outwards as a (thin) vapour or aerosol, foam or powder.
The aerosol as packaging has advantages like: always ready for use, hygienic, well closed, easy to dose, economical and they can be stored for long periods of time. Because of their specific and precise way of spraying aerosols are easy to use. Aerosols are made out of tinplated steel and this makes them easy to recycle.


Shaped aerosol tin can
Shaped aerosol tin can

Aerosol cans are available in aluminium or tinplate (tinplated steel). The range of aerosol tin can packaging by Hildering Packaging is tinplate. The form of the aerosol can be straight (straight sided) or ‘necked in’. Necked in means that the aerosol slightly tapers towards the bottom. The straight sided aerosol is easy to label. Nowadays it is possible the have the body of the aerosol shaped. From a marketing point of view it is even possible to develop your own specific form. So the body could have a rounded shape or maybe taper in the middle.


Most aerosols are filled with liquids. The usual markets for aerosols are personal hygiene, pharmaceuticals, automotive and the paint and lacquer industry. When you use a paint spray you do not need a brush and you do not need paint thinners or brush cleaners. The aerosol is very suitable for ‘on the spot’ use.


Aerosols can be inner coated or plane. Of course aerosols can be printed or labelled.


Aerosol can printing
Printing on aerosol cans

Aerosols can be printed straight on the tinplate steel or they can be labelled. Offset prints of aerosol cans can be very advanced. 3-D effects, a matt finish combined with a high gloss and rubbertouch are all examples of first time use on aerosols. Nowadays it is also possible to digitally print aerosols. This makes smaller print orders possible (see Hildering Colour Can).


The filling aperture of an aerosol has a standard 25 mm wide diameter worldwide. Aerosols can be closed with a sprayer, a evaporator or a screw cap. Depending on the filling good and the legislation a children save or normal plastic (dust)cap is placed on top.


Capacity Size in mm Design
100 ml45/41 x 96necked in
150 ml52/48 x 105necked in
300 ml57/52 x 147necked in
400 ml57/52 x 207necked in
400 ml65/60 x 157necked in & straight
500 ml65/60 x 195necked in & straight
600 ml65/60 x 240necked in & straight
750 ml65/60 x 300necked in
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