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Professional endorsement
“Paint and Go makes painting a pleasure.”
Wayne de Wet, multiple award winning decorator

Hildering Paint and Go
Hildering Paint and Go
Paint and Go with tin liner
Paint and Go with tin liner

Paint and Go is a complete system which consists of a metal paint kettle, a brush clip and a firmly closed lid. Paint and Go ensures the painter freedom of movement.

When paint is being used with brush, nothing is handier than a paint kettle. The kettle is not heavy to hold. The handle ensures the paint can easily be transported and the large opening makes working easier compared to a tin of paint. The opening that is used is so ideal, that working with a grid or a roller does not cause any problems either.

Conical paint kettles are particularly popular with professional painters. In recent years, the paint kettle has also become a frequently used product for the consumer market in conjunction with the upgrading of the DIY market. The 2.5 litre size is by far the most frequently used.

In the professional market, where work is often carried out at heights, and the industrial market, the 5 litre paint kettle is a common product. The paint kettles are conical, which allows for optimal transportation and storage (stackable). With the advance of more and more water based paints and lacquers, an internally coated paint kettle which is water resistant, offers the right solution.

Painter friendly

Painting with Paint and Go
Painting with Paint and Go

Paint and Go allows the painter freedom of movement. With the handle of the kettle you can carry the paint where ever you go. Or you hang the kettle on the ladder and your hands are free.

Perfect condition of brushes

Paint and Go with brush clips
Paint and Go with brush clips

Brushes which are not in use, can be clicked into the brush clips: there is no inconvenience of loose brushes and the brushes stay in perfect condition.

Hildering plastic tin liners

Plastic tin liners
Plastic tin liners

The Hildering plastic tin liners also offer an excellent solution. The can be placed inside a conical paint kettle and have a sharp striking tap, which allows the brush to be struck off well and allows the paint to flow back into the tin fully and directly. The Hildering plastic tin liner is characterised by an extremely high level of flexibility which means it does not break at low temperatures or by rough handling.

Colour change with tin liners
Colour change with tin liners

When painting directly from a paint kettle, a change of colour means a different paint kettle (tinplate container). When using a tin liner, this can be changed in its entirety, stored away with a close fitting lid and you can continue work in no time. A tin liner can also be used as stand alone. The liner is then often used as storage or brush tin, because of the close fitting lid.

Paint and Go, your all-in-one paint workstation

Paint and Go with Connect and Go
Paint and Go
with Connect and Go

By using the ring Connect and Go onto the metal paint kettle, Paint and Go obtains more functionalities. It enables a unique multi-position handle. The handle can be adjusted to which ever position is the most comfortable to work with.

By clicking an inliner upside down onto the ring, you will have a firmly closed lid: your brushes and paint will stay fresh and ready for re-use.

Paint and Go, one set for your paint job

Hildering Paint and Go complete set
Paint and Go complete set
  • Paint kettle for freedom of movement
  • Inliner for quick colour change
  • Clip to keep your brushes in perfect condition
  • A lid for keeping paint fresh

Contents: 1 paint kettle, 3 inliners, 3 lids and 1 Clip and Go.

Available at Toolstation.

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Anonymous buyer at www.decorating-supplies.co.uk:
"Absolutely brilliant!! I bought this system over 2 years ago and never looked back. It saves time and money by allowing you to store the unused paint in the kettle for several weeks so there is no loss of paint by continually cleaning out unused paint back into the tin."


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