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Seamed lid cans
Seamed lid cans

Seamed lid cans are produced with a beaded edge. The outside of the body is seamed together with the separately supplied lid (or bottom) and with this the seamed lid cans are closed. The separately supplied article can be a flat lid, a foil lid or the bottom. The lids can be flat, made out of foil or easy opening (here one has to pull the tab to remove the lid).

The advantage of seamed lid cans generates from mechanically closing the packaging. This protects the content from external influences like air or light. Due to the large aperture and because there is no ring on the inside the packaging is easy to empty. The disadvantage is that you need a machine to assemble the lid.

Seamed lid cans
Seamed lid cans

Because re-closing is important for some filling goods we supply a plastic cap that can be placed across the diameter of the tin can packaging. This plastic cap cannot be used as the sole closure. When you have to transport your products you do need the seamed lid closure. The seamed lid can inner can be coated (FDA approved) and the outside can be printed (offset printing).

Traditionally seamed lid cans were used in the seed and (milk)powder market. The excellent air tightness of the seamed lid can has ensured that they are now widely used in various markets. Automotive products, thin chemical liquids, air sensitive products but also gifts like golf balls and of course tennis balls all use seamed lid cans. The measure of capacity starts at 125 ml and ends at approx. 5 litres.


The measure of capacity of seamed lid cans is determined by the diameter. When ordering larger quantities one can determine his own height and with this the capacity of the can(s).

Diameter Min. height Max. height
73 mm 61 mm (200 ml) 140 mm (500 ml)
99 mm 47,5 mm (250 ml) 241,5 mm (2 litres)
153 mm 157 mm (2,5 litres) 280 mm (5 litres)

Other diameters are 52 mm, 56 mm, 65 mm.

The body of the seamed-lid cans can be necked in at the bottom making the cans stackable.

Seamed lid cans easy opening
Easy Opening
Seamed lid cans aluminium seal
Aluminium Seal

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